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State of Energy Address

April 01, 2013 by Scott Milne

State of Energy Address
Here it comes, ....... can you feel it stirring? The Obama administration is slowly tightening the screws on pollution. The President urges us all to look at; "the overwhelming judgment of science and to act before its too late".

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Saudi America

December 13, 2012 by Scott Milne

Italian News Milano Finanza summed it up pretty well In this week’s headline “I Padroni dell Energia”
Loosely translated “The Masters of Energy”.  Although I disagree with the sentiment, surely the world is noticing the considerable increase in us production.  For the first time America is out producing Saudi Arabia in overall production.     

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Health and safety after Sandy

November 02, 2012 by Scott Milne

National Energy Technologies wants to let the victims of Hurricane Sandra know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. We wish you strength, patience and good health in your efforts to rebuild and recover. We realize that millions are still without power and still in cleanup mode, but we feel it is just too important to not warn you in advance of a coming toxic epidemic MOLD. Although not all molds are toxic...

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